Tuesday, February 21, 2012

SEM products for vinyl and plastics

http://semproducts.com/  LOVE this website;if there needs to be vinyl recoloring or repair either to seats or the paneling,this is the catalog to check out--in Portland Perfect Fit  carries this until their eventual close later this spring. With any luck,my department will pick this line up.

http://www.repaintsupply.com/pd-sem-21013-solaray-headlight-lens-clear-coat.cfm  This product is used to clear off haze from headlights; the curing process is best under a U.V. Cure lamp, but one person had a beautiful day and found that this cured fine under the sun. I can't recommend this as I have not used this, but it has come with glowing reviews from users from work, so I will certainly give this a try.